Central Oregon offers a unique context for STEM education and industry. Our mix of rural and metropolitan communities, seasonal population fluctuations, growing tech startups, and increasing presence of national companies combine to create a complex landscape of opportunities and challenges. In spite of rapid industry expansion, wide disparities in opportunity exist within our tri-county region and its school districts. In some areas, our students score ahead of state averages, while in others, limitations in funding and resource availability hold us back. The STEM Hub aims to provide visibility to the many career opportunities available in our growing regional industries and help prepare our local students for these jobs. We have the opportunity to capitalize on new STEM resources in Central Oregon and create opportunities for our population centers and rural communities. The Hub is uniquely positioned to connect growing STEM opportunities to all communities and all students, particularly those that lack significant STEM education. Growing education in tandem with quickly expanding industry will enhance opportunities and innovation in the Central Oregon community and connect today’s students to the region’s current and future jobs.