The Darwin Day Roadshow

To celebrate Charles Darwin’s birthday each year, the scientists and educators of NESCent (The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center) hit the road to bring evolutionary science to schools, museums, and town halls in communities around the country.  They are particularly interested in reaching out to small, rural communities which would not otherwise have a Darwin Day celebration. Their teams talk to students, teachers, and the general public about their research in evolutionary science, describe what it takes to become an evolutionary biologist (and what some of the rewards and challenges are), and convey why evolutionary science is relevant to everyone.

The Roadshow is now accepting applications for stops on their 2015 tour (which occurs in the weeks surrounding Darwin’s birthday, February 12th). Applications are due November 21st, 2014. To make the most of their travel resources, geographically clustered applications are particularly competitive, so if multiple schools in an area apply, they are more likely to be selected. For more information or to apply, visit

Citizen Science Opportunity

The Research and Education Collaborative Occultation Network (RECON) is recruiting community teams to join their network of citizen scientists investigating the outer Solar System. Researchers from the team will be visiting Central Oregon November 4th-6th to speak with interested teachers and community members. Several meetings are being held across the region with room for additional interested community members. If you’d like to join a meeting, contact information for the RECON team and additional information can be found in the attached flyer. The STEM Hub will attend one of the meetings and can share information with anyone interested but unable to participate.

More information: RECON Flyer